The Business of Mobility:
Fixing a Tire-sized Gap in the Market

Air Fom is an entirely new innovation that uses new materials. Any time something is invented that is an entirely new class of product with no reference in the market, no benchmarks in testing protocols, no base of established manufacturing resources, and no ability to gauge consumer reactions, the road to a successful launch is a minefield. Design, manufacture, testing and quality control presented many hurdles in the process of producing a market-ready product.

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Save Money & Care for the Planet

Air Fōm is green, Bicycle Inner Tubes are not.
Air Fōm airless cycling inserts are 100% recyclable.

With Air Fōm you no longer waste tubes over just one puncture. Save over 1 kg of butyl rubber waste per year.


No Flats Ever

100% Maintenance Free – Our airless tire inserts aren’t affected by temperature, impact, or any type of puncture.
Never use a pump again with Air Fōm airless cycling Technology you just set it and forget it.


We Keep You Rolling

Weather proof and extremely safe.
Air Fōm proprietary technology allows for safe and secure bead lock between bike tire and rim.

Your tire won’t come off !


Rides Like Air

Air Fōm has the highest rebound energy of any bike tire foam insert on the market.
This gives the rider the best energy return possible for a faster more dynamic feel.


Composite High Performance

Our precision engineered, lightweight, multi-layer insert delivers exceptional dynamic ride performance again and again…

  1. Energy
  2. Backbone
  3. Foundation

*Above illustration represents the MTB insert

Air Fom bike share airless cycling technology 4 piece product


Just Ride

Same lively feel as an air system, best rebound performance, and lightest weight of any foam system on the market.

In the Wild

Flat Proof – Puncture Proof – Safe Cornering – Low Rolling Resistance – Forever Flat-Free Cycling.

Check out our test ride videos

/// Destroy - Puncture ///

/// Performance - Speed Test ///

/// City - Ride Feel ///

Coming soon

/// MTB - Trail Test ///

Is it for Real?

The Air Fom insert is the result of extensive testing and benchmarking in the lab.
It’s performance was measured against traditional air-based systems.

Pressure Performance

Air Fom inserts accurately mimic pressurized tire performance.

Temperature Stability

Air Fom is engineered to provide consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures

Impact Durability

Air Fom maintains its structure under high impact.

Solutions for

E-share bike