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Better Than Air

Air Fōm solves the biggest problem in cycling – FLAT TIRES  No Punctures – No More Pumping !Set it & Forget it


Composite High Performance

Our precision engineered, lightweight, multi-layer insert delivers exceptional dynamic ride performance again and again…


Just Ride

Same lively feel as an air system, best rebound performance , and lightest weight of any foam system on the market.

In the Wild

Flat Proof – Puncture Proof – Safe Cornering – Low Rolling Resistance – Forever Flat-Free Cycling.

Check out our test ride videos

/// Destroy - Puncture ///

/// Performance - Speed Test ///

/// City - Ride Feel ///

Coming soon

/// MTB - Trail Test ///

Is it for Real?

The Air Fom insert is the result of extensive testing and benchmarking in the lab.
It’s performance was measured against traditional air-based systems.

Pressure Performance

Air Fom inserts accurately mimic pressurized tire performance.

Temperature Stability

Air Fom is engineered to provide consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures

Impact Durability

Air Fom maintains its structure under high impact.

Air Fom Is Green

Tubes are Not!