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Better Than Air

Air Fōm solves the biggest problem in cycling – FLAT TIRES  No Punctures – No More Pumping !Set it & Forget it


Composite High Performance

Our precision engineered, lightweight, multi-layer insert delivers exceptional dynamic ride performance again and again…


Just Ride

Same lively feel as an air system, best rebound performance , and lightest weight of any foam system on the market.

Is it for Real?

The Air Fom insert is the result of extensive testing and benchmarking in the lab.
It’s performance was measured against traditional air-based systems.

Pressure Performance

Air Fom inserts accurately mimic pressurized tire performance.

Temperature Stability

Air Fom is engineered to provide consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures

Impact Durability

Air Fom maintains its structure under high impact.

Air Fom Is Green

Tubes are Not!