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Air Fom Warranty

      1. Air Fom must be installed at an authorized Air Fom dealer by a professional bicycle mechanic. Installation in any other circumstance voids any warranty coverage
      2. Extreme cycling, jumping, high speed impacts, accidents of any kind, tire failure, rim failure or and other mechanical failure that damages an Air Fom insert is NOT covered under warranty.
      3. The System Weight Rating as displayed on the original Air Fom package containing the installed inserts cannot be exceeded by the combined weight of the rider, the bicycle and any other mounted or carried accessories or cargo. If the System Weight Rating is exceeded in any way the warranty for the Air Fom insert will not be in effect.
      4. Air Fom inserts are guaranteed to maintain correct function under normal riding circumstances for at least 2 years or 5000 kilometers, which ever comes first.
      5. If an Air Fom insert is damaged the bicycle dealer is allowed, at their discretion, to replace the minimum number of inserts in order to restore correct function to the insert system.
      6. This warranty does not cover any damage caused by a technician to the insert during installation, un-installation or mishandling of the product once it is removed from its original packaging.
      7. This warranty covers only the cost of the replaced insert and does not cover the labor to remove and install the damaged insert.