TireShield Tire Liner
Inner Tube

Flat Protection

The World's Toughest Flat Protection

What's in the Box?

8 Protective Inserts

From 15mm to 30 mm of virtually uncuttable high energy particle foam – Lifetime Warranty! 

2 inner Tubes

High quality inner tubes, specifically smaller sized for an optimal fit with TireShield inserts.


TireShield is the Best Choice

  • The easiest to Install tire liner system
  • The only 100% recyclable solution on the market
  • Works perfectly from -30°C to 60°C
  • Rides Like air – very low rolling resistance
  • Protects your rims from impacts
  • Ride home safely with a flat tire
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Tubes included in the box

Available Sizes:

Please call or message your local bike shop for more information.  


Is TireShield easy to install?


If you can change a tire, you can install TireShield, it’s that easy.

It takes around 3 minutes to install and no special tools are needed. Watch our installation video here. There is no trimming required and it fits perfectly the first time.

Watch the video

You won’t feel any difference from air when you have TireShield installed. 

It uses advanced particle foam technology so when foam is compressed it returns to its original shape instantaneously and with incredible power. It acts just like air so your tires will roll just like air

For a typical 700 x 35c tire TireShield only adds 235g per wheel compared to a standard inner tube installation. This is less than most other puncture guard tires or thick tubes.

You just carry out a normal setup and install the new small tubes as you would with any other tire. You won’t be tubeless any more, but you will be protected from punctures and you can still keep using your favorite tires!

Unlike any other foam tire liner, TireShield is 100% fully recyclable back to its original chemical material. It can be re-manufactured over and over again. We call this “closed loop” recycling. It is the greenest solution on the market right now.

Tire shield comes with a lifetime guarantee. It can be used over and over again. Please see our warranty here on our website.

Tire Shield is made from a new high tech, high performance particle foam. Particle foams are much different than current foam technology.

Particle foam is made from thousands of tiny individual spheres that have their own powerful hollow structure. When these tiny hollow particles are molded together using only steam and pressure they form an incredibly durable, high energy return, lightweight foam component. 

Check our sizing chart to understand what size is right for you. 

The smaller tubes required to install TireShield are included in the box. Other brands make you buy the extra tube and that can be up to $10.00 extra over the price of the liners, we don’t.

TireShield Install

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