Keep Rolling Flat-free With E-Bike Tire Inserts

Keep Rolling Flat-free
With E-Bike Tire Inserts

For the E Commuter, E Trekking cyclist, flat tires can be a real nightmare. With either front or rear electric hub motors changing a flat tire is not something that can be done on the side of the road.

  1. No changing E-Bike tires (Phew!)
  2. No expensive shop maintenance
  3. Reliable in any temperature (-30°C to +50°C)
  4. No flat tires ever

E-Bike Product Range

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No flats Ever
With E-Bike Air Fom Inserts

Air Fom -Best protection No maintenance bike share solutions

No Flats Ever

No Flats or low pressure bike share tires
No Pressure Issues
No Flats ever bike share wheels
Reduce Vandalism
Best protection No Flats or puncture bike share tires
Protect Wheels

No Wheel Maintenance

For E-Bike riders a flat tire means an expensive cab ride back home or to the shop. With Air Fom installed this will never happen again. Ride worry free anywhere, anytime, in a any weather. Flat tires are now history. With Air Fom you can ride thousands of kilometers with no flat tires ever.

Enjoy Your Ride Your Way!

Air Fōm E-bike inserts are installed inside your own tires, so you will always have the best possile traction, cornering, and safety of any airless no-flat system
E-bike airless no-flat system