About Us

Air Fom is based in Taichung, Taiwan. We are an international team of experts in bicycle engineering, materials science, product design and manufacturing. 

Our location, combined with our experience, gives us the ability to deliver the highest quality, latest technology, full foam inserts.  All Air Fom products are designed in the USA and manufactured in Taiwan from high quality materials.



Long Term

Air Fom is fully committed to improving our environment by producing a product that is not a single use, throw away item, allowing people to ride their bikes more often with less worry.  


Healthy Lifestyle

Air Fom believes that once a cyclist installs Air Fom they can use their bike every day for years and never worry about a flat tire again. This allows people to ride their bikes instead of driving their cars and promotes a healthy sustainable lifestyle.


Air Fom uses 100% corrugated paper board in all of packing materials. There is no plastic anywhere except for the Bead Butter tube and that is made from PTE which has a well-known recycling loop.  We use minimal one-color inks on the box to insure the least impact on the environment and to make the package incredibly friendly for recycling.


Air Fom is made from cutting edge materials that are not cross linked in the molding process.

Every other foam product for bicycle tires, either partial inserts or foam tires are made from cross linked material.


These products cannot be recycled back into their original state. They must either be mechanically reduced or chemically altered (further polluting the environment) in order to reuse the waste they produce.


By using advanced material suppliers in Taiwan we are working with some of the most technically professional and environmentally friendly manufacturing on the planet.

Clean Manufacturing

The manufacturing (molding) process uses heat (electrical) and water (steam) to produce the patent pending, precision molded Air Fom insert. The water that is used in the molding cycle is used over and over again. We do not paint or dye the product afterwards. The factory that produces our products emits steam and heat. That’s it.

Clean Production