Custom Solutions for Bike Sharing Vendors

Air Fōm has custom solutions for bike sharing to meet your system needs.

We can deliver flexible options for you to suit your technical needs.

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Our Options Include :

Insert Only

Inserts + Tire

Whole Wheel Solution


Eliminate Wheel Maintenance Costs

Air Fōm foam inserts solve the biggest problem for e-bike share systems - Maintenance.

Our foam inserts allow your e bike share system to maximise availability and revenue. When you use our patented foam Inserts, you won’t have to worry about flats and wheel maintenance ever again.

We Solve These Share Bike Issues

Air Fom -Best protection No maintenance bike share solutions

No Flats Ever

No Flats or low pressure bike share tires
No Pressure Issues
No Flats ever bike share wheels
Reduce Vandalism
Best protection No Flats or puncture bike share tires
Protect Wheels

E bike Share Systems Become More Profitable with Air Fōm

The biggest overhead in bike share systems is bike maintenance.

These maintenance costs can be the greatest barrier to profitability for any e bike sharing system.

Our patented foam inserts eliminate wheel maintenance worries from your solution.That not only reduces your maintenance overhead, it also increases bike availability and revenue too.

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Green Bike Share?

The massive volume of tubes you replace in your share bike system dramatically increase your carbon footprint as well as your running costs.

Install Air Fom inserts and stop polluting the environment with difficult to recycle crosslinked rubber tubes.

  • Air Fom Inserts Are 100% Recyclable
  • Eliminate the Environmental Cost of Butyl Rubber Inner Tubes
  • Make Your Share System Greener Than Competitors
To Find out more about how Air Fom reduces your carbon footprint please visit our Eco page

Green bike share eco friendly wheel sets

Bike Share Systems & Urban Mobility

The drive towards ever greener transport in cities has allowed many people to use share bike systems for their daily commute.

This means people need to have bikes available to meet this demand every day, without fail.

So e share bike systems will become a crucial part of the green urban mobility model, just as important as buses and rapid transit systems are today.

People will see them as a normal part of the infrastructure and they will become an essential service.

This makes their availability, reliability and performance
critical to their success in that role.

Bike availability and safety are critical factors in people deciding to use an e bike share system as a part of their daily life.

With Air Fōm tire inserts, you deliver higher than ever bike availability at each share station.

E-Bike Share System for Green Transport no maintenance Costs

E Share is Essential to Green Urban Transport

Air Fōm ensures customers reach their destination every time without worrying about flats or low tire pressure.

The reliability and availability of bikes is central to the success of any e bike share system.

The public’s perception of the system as “ always available” and “ no flats ”will drive their choice to make e share part of their daily commute.