What is
Air Fōm?

Airless Cycling

Air Fom is the ultimate solution for airless tire cycling with its patented technology.

Make life better

Make life better

Air Fōm is designed to eliminate the worry of flat tires.
Air Fōm airless tire systems are engineered to give you at least 5000km of flat free cycling.

Once Air Fōm is installed by your local bike shop, you can ride your bike anytime in any weather on any surface and never be concerned about getting a flat tire. 

Air Fōm’s airless bicycle tire system is the only affordable, durable, light weight airless technology for your bike.

Air Fōm


Air Fom is a patented, multiple layer foam insert that is designed to give you the same feeling as air.

By using high tech materials in a precision engineered structure, Air Fom simulates the pressure of an air-filled tire with the same dynamic ride that air gives.

By using multiple layers of materials Air Fom can be lightweight, durable and affordable. This is the key to the Air Fom airless tyre concept.

The Energy layer is what gives the Air Fōm insert its incredible dynamic feel. Made from a super high tech material that is fully recyclable, the energy layer can return up to 60% of the energy it receives in order to give you a fast ride experience with comfort and safety. The Energy layer also works exactly the same in temperatures from -30c to over 50c in order to give you all weather performance And last but not least the material in the energy has almost no compression set. So when you leave you bike parked for a month (what ?) and roll it out for a ride the energy layer rebounds instantly to give you a perfect ride every time

The Backbone (found only in MTB sizes, for smaller sizes the foundation and backbone are one component) is what gives the Air Fōm insert the strength to take the big hits and come back for more. With its precision engineered shape and super lightweight, ultra-high density material the Backbone is key to a durable reliable ride experience.

The Foundation (found only in MTB sizes, for smaller sizes the foundation and backbone are one component) is critical to allow the Air Fōm insert to fit precisely (correct size selection required for your rim and tire) and to cushion the rider from impacts. Super lightweight materials that are also super durable make the foundation key to the performance of the backbone and the energy layer.

Above animation represents the MTB Insert

Ride Performance

Rides like air

Best Rebound

Air Fōm has the highest rebound energy of any foam insert on the market. This gives the rider the best energy return possible for a faster more dynamic feel. 


Air Fōm proprietary technology allows for safe and secure Bead lock between tire and rim, Your tire won’t come off!

Light Weight

Multiple foam construction achieves the lightest weight of any airless tire system on the market.


Air Fom engineers have produced an insert that can be mounted safely and quickly by any professional bicycle mechanic.

The size of the airless tire insert combined with the precision molded construction ensures that there is a safe secure lock of the bead of the tire onto the rim.

Bring your bike to any local Air Fom dealer and they will install the inserts for you in less than 30min.


Inserts x4 – Adj.kit (MTB Only) – Bead Butter

Watch the video


Step 1
Apply Bead Butter

Completely Coat Bead Area, Wipe away Excess.


Step 1
Install Air Fom Inserts

Ensure inserts are properly mated, do not force.


Step 1
Align Inserts in Rim

Using normal shop tire levers.


Step 1
Install Tire Bead

Use tire levers to snap bead into place.