Puncture Proof Airless Inserts for Commuting

We Get You There Every Time
Airless Inserts for Commuting

Urban commuting is all about getting there,on time, every time. So for serious daily commuters Air Fom airless tire system offers a real solution to the nightmare of flat tires, pressure maintenance, and rim damage.

  1. Get there every time
  2. Temperature is no issue (-30°C to +50°C)
  3. No flat tires ever

Commuter Product Range

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Airless Commuter Tires
Never Flat, Always Ready

Air Fom -Best protection No maintenance bike share solutions

No Flats Ever

No Flats or low pressure bike share tires
No Pressure Issues
No Flats ever bike share wheels
Reduce Vandalism
Best protection No Flats or puncture bike share tires
Protect Wheels

Airless Commuting Inserts
No Flats Ever, Guaranteed

You can now ride for thousands of kilometers with zero worries about ever having a flat tire.The lightweight super advanced materials in Air Fom will give any commuter the best ride possible in all weather conditions and temperatures.

Anywhere, Any Time,
Any Weather

Air Fōm is installed inside your own tire, so you will always have the best possile traction, cornering, and safety of any airless system
no bike flat tires and safety in any weather