Air Fom is Fully Recyclable

Riding your bike is a green choice, but bicycle tubes are very difficult to recycle and typically end up in landfills. This needs to change.

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Love the Earth

Tubes are not Green

Butyl rubber is not fully recyclable

Tubes must be repurposed by either mechanical reduction (shredding) or used as is, such as in wallets or bags.

EVA Foam Inserts & Tires are not Green

Most foams like EVA, are cross linked and cannot be fully recycled. Typically, they are mechanically shredded and used as a filler or packing material.

The Problem with Cross-linked Materials

Any material that is “cross-linked” is very difficult to reprocess back to its original raw material state.

Tubes are Forever, and That is the Problem

Save The Planet

100% Recyclable

Our Air Fom inserts are 100% recyclable. The materials we use are not cross linked, so they can be reprocessed and recycled back to their original form.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Our inserts are rated to last for at least 5000km. That’s 5000km you won’t be using butyl rubber tubes, massively reducing your carbon footprint.

Close the Loop

Air Fom is committed to providing a recycling pathway to dealers and distributors for all used foam inserts, to fully close the product recycling loop.

Air Fom is Green

The materials in Air Fom are NOT cross linked. Therefore they can be recycled and reprocessed back to their original form.