Cycling Uphill Best Performance flat free urban cycling

Best Performance Flat-free Urban Cycling

Urban riders demand high performance and total reliability in all conditions. Only Air Fōm’s advanced materials provide the three key success factors for urban riding:

  1. The fastest ride
  2. Widest temperature performance range
    (-30°C to +50°C)
  3. No flat tires ever

Urban Product Range

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Airless Bike Tires That
Will Never Be Flat

Air Fom -Best protection No maintenance bike share solutions

No Flats Ever

No Flats or low pressure bike share tires
No Pressure Issues
No Flats ever bike share wheels
Reduce Vandalism
Best protection No Flats or puncture bike share tires
Protect Wheels

Super Lightweight Airless System

Only the patented construction of Air Fōm provides a super lightweight solution at an affordable price for today’s urban street cyclists. If you are tired of constantly pumping your tires, rim damage, and flats you need Air Fōm.

Keep The Tires You Trust !

Air Fōm is mounted inside your existing tire, so you will always have the best possible traction, cornering, and safety of any airless system available.
Urban cyclist on city road with airless bike tires